Important Aspects Of Men’s Shirts

While shirts are worn by both men and women, majority of the shirts are owned by men. Although it seems to be a unisex garment at present, it was a strictly men’s only clothing item in the past. Therefore, men have taken a keen interest when picking their shirts and there is much detail that are paid attention to when it comes to their shirts. Although these features might not be out there directly, when you buy one, your attention will automatically be directed towards the following parts of the shirt.


The collar. This is the top most and perhaps one of the most important aspects of the shirt. Why? Mainly because it is what a person’s primary focus will go on to as soon as they look at your shirt and secondly because this is where a tie can be held. An interesting fact about this particular part is that in the past collars used to be separately attached to the shirt; doesn’t sound too appealing, does it? Thanks to modern fashion, we have now overcome that. A collarless shirt cannot be worn with a tie but you can with a collard one. Therefore, it is important that you are aware of the occasion before picking the piece of clothing so that you know whether a collar needs to be present to support your tie.


Even for a man, the colour of the shirt matters. Whether you wear mens casual shirts online or official ones, you need to be able to match it with the occasion and your other accessories. One misconception that most men hold regarding their choice of colour is that pink and red coloured garments are for women and not for men. Who is judging? It is only your prejudiced mind playing tricks on your. Therefore, put away such old fashioned thinking and go in line with today’s fashion. Pick any colour that you feel like would suit your.


The pattern of what you wear could determine whether you are wearing mens formal shirts sale or long sleeve shirts. Not only that, the pattern would also mean the print that is on your shirt. While some fancy checked shirts, others prefer dotted prints; there is also another party that prefer only plain shirts with absolutely no print in sight. No matter what your taste it, you must give all these patterns a try and who knows, you might even discover a new pattern that suits you. View more here

How it is made

Depending on the occasion, some people get their outfits tailor made while others simply purchase readily available ones. No matter what you buy or get made, make sure that it is the perfect fit for your measurement and body. While you can get the tailor made one perfectly, the readymade one might not be as perfect as the previous. Therefore, based on importance, you must decide whether you will get it made or not.

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