Online Shopping: Its Pros And Cons

Unlike our parent’s generation where goods were sold only in stores to which you went during the weekend or before a party to shop at, in the modern world, with the introduction of electronic money, online transactions have taken over the world of shopping. During our grandparents and sometimes even during our parent’s age the stores available were the ones in the neighborhood or in the neighboring town. The collections were limited but nothing much could be done about it because there was no other access to goods. However, with the introduction of the internet and especially the use of electronic cards which enabled the transaction of money via electronic media, shopping has moved from the neighboring store to the stores across the world. The shopping options are far and wide and beyond anyone’s wildest imaginations. However, as is the case of anything, there are two sides to this magnificent coin.

The pros

Quite obviously, the collection one can access is now staggering. From Chanel earrings to second hand Ellery to the counterfeit Chanel handbags from someone’s dingy basement, the options are limitless. Since most stores do not have a physical outlet, the overhead expenses associated with maintaining a store are removed and thus, items are cheaper. Also, since the market base is larger, the number of items sold is higher, thus reducing the individual cost of the item and allowing the consumer to enjoy prices lower than ever before. 

The cons

However, while the pros outweigh the cons by a large margin, the cons of online transaction can be very dangerous. Especially as you are dealing with unknown strangers and your financial information needs to be revealed to them. While there are various platforms in place to reduce the risk of malpractice, as a consumer, before ordering online, it is always best to check the credit rating and the quality rating of the seller. However, not all sites are fake and through genuine sites, you will be able to find deals that are only a dream on the traditional market. The quality of the product and the feel of it cannot be obtained via a photograph, however, if your seller is authentic, you are bound to get something of the same quality as the photograph suggests. The danger in online transactions is that you may not only get cheap quality products, but your financial information may be hacked and used for some other more dangerous purpose. Thus, always be extra careful when dealing with unknown sites and check the rating always.

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